Box Clever: Common Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Used Box Truck

Choosing a used box truck ought to be a simple process -- big body, big engine, small price. However, the realities of choosing the right box truck for you or your company's needs are a little more nuanced, and many buyers make simple mistakes when choosing their truck. Keep the following common mistakes in mind while shopping around, to ensure you acquire the ideal box truck for your needs.

Mistake 1: Choosing large trucks with weak chassis

It's often tempting to opt for the largest amount of carrying space you can afford, but a big box on the back doesn't necessarily equate to greater capacity. Choose a truck with a large compartment but a relatively weak chassis, and you may run over your maximum weight capacity long before the truck is fully loaded. Make sure your truck is adequately equipped to deal with the weights of the goods you usually carry.

Mistake 2: Choosing the wrong floor type

Box trucks can be floored with a variety of materials, ranging from inexpensive pine floorboards to heavy steel and aluminium. However, choosing the wrong floor material for your needs can cause you problems in the long run -- for instance, if your truck's cargo compartments will need to be cleaned regularly, you should choose a corrosion and rot resistant material such as aluminium or pressure-treated timber. Trucks expected to carry heavy loads should always opt for metal floors, but make sure the truck's engine can cope with the extra weight.

Mistake 3: Looking for rust in all the wrong places

Box trucks tend to have long service lives, and checking for any signs of rust on a used truck is always important. However, this doesn't just mean inspecting the sills, looking underneath and calling it a day. Make sure to check key rust trouble spots, such as the cargo compartment floor, rear wheel arches, door locks and hinges. Take extra care looking for corrosion in refrigerated vans.

Mistake 4: Choosing the wrong door type

The ease and convenience of loading and unloading a box truck is one of its key advantages, but you should make sure the doors of your truck are suitable for your loading methods. Manual swing doors are safe and simple to operate, making them suitable for hand loading, while automated roller doors are useful if your trucks are loaded with forklifts or automatic conveyors.

Mistake 5: Forgetting about lighting

The cargo compartment of your box truck is by no means a salubrious place, but adequate lighting is important for safety and security during loading procedures, particularly when working at night. Stand electric lighting can be supplemented with skylights and transparent roof panels for daytime lighting, but these may not be suitable for trucks routinely carrying valuable loads such as scrap metals.