2 Things You Don’t Know About Henry Ford

Ford is a household name in today's automobile industry, having been an industry player for the better part of the last century.

Today, the Ford Motor company is one of the largest and most successful family businesses in the world. Henry Ford was a great American industrialist, credited with inventing the Ford truck you've been eyeing for a long time. Discussed below are two interesting things you probably didn't know about Mr. Ford.

Mr. Ford Did Not Invent The Assembly Line

The assembly line is a technique used for mass production in many industries today. Through this technique, machines move the product being assembled from one work station to the next. Each station adds a different component of the semi-finished product. Without an assembly line, workers would have to walk around carrying different components of a product to a single location where the product has been stationed. This is a much slower and much more expensive option.

By reducing the cost of labour and the overall cost of production, assembly-line production in the automobile industry continues to bring down the market price of many vehicles. Assembly lines also help to achieve highly repeatable results in the production process. That's why OEM spare parts with will be identical to the original parts that the new Ford is fitted with in every way.

Henry Ford is often (mistakenly) thought to have invented the assembly line because his was the first automobile company to use the concept for mass production. However, Mr. Ford learnt of the assembly-line concept during a visit to a slaughterhouse in Chicago and he was impressed by its level of efficiency.

The assembly line was actually invented by Ransom E. Olds

He Sold His First Car For Less Than $1000

How much have you budgeted for the new Ford? Without a doubt, it's way beyond the $850 that the first Ford buyer paid for his ride. This was the Ford Model A and it was sold to a dentist in Chicago.

The Ford Model A had a two-cylinder engine, a top speed of about 30 miles per hour and a seating capacity of 2.  These were rather impressive specs for that time and Ford Motor Company beat the competition hands-down. 

Comparing these specifications with those of your preferred Ford model justifies the significant price difference between the two. Does it not? Get in touch with your local Ford dealership today!