2 Things You Don’t Know About Henry Ford

Ford is a household name in today's automobile industry, having been an industry player for the better part of the last century. Today, the Ford Motor company is one of the largest and most successful family businesses in the world. Henry Ford was a great American industrialist, credited with inventing the Ford truck you've been eyeing for a long time. Discussed below are two interesting things you probably didn't know about Mr. Read More 

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car has many benefits over new, from saving money to possibly getting financing more easily. However, it is also not something you should rush into. Here are some common mistakes others make that you can learn from and hopefully avoid so you are satisfied with your purchase. Not Knowing Exactly What You Want A very common mistake made by people who don't know any better is arriving at a car dealership before even considering what kind of car they want. Read More 

4 Tips For Financing a Luxury Car

Buying a new luxury car is similar to any other type of new vehicle, with some slight differences. The types of financing you can get and what you need to provide the lender or dealership to be approved is a little different than for a vehicle that costs a little less. Here are some tips for being approved for luxury car financing. Put Down As Much Cash As Possible With a luxury vehicle, it is going to have a higher sale value, therefore you will need a higher down payment. Read More 

Some Tips to Remember When Repairing the Hull of Your Fiberglass Boat

When your fiberglass boat has some dents and dings, you want to repair these as quickly as possible. These dents can quickly get worse so that they become chips that go all the way through the body of the boat, and it then becomes unsafe on the water. Some owners put off trying to make their own fiberglass boat repairs, but with some simple patching compound and a bit of knowhow, it's not as difficult as you might assume. Read More 

Box Clever: Common Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Used Box Truck

Choosing a used box truck ought to be a simple process -- big body, big engine, small price. However, the realities of choosing the right box truck for you or your company's needs are a little more nuanced, and many buyers make simple mistakes when choosing their truck. Keep the following common mistakes in mind while shopping around, to ensure you acquire the ideal box truck for your needs. Mistake 1: Choosing large trucks with weak chassis Read More